Jana Stories

The desire to lead a meaningful and happy life, find success in all endeavours, create wealth, and prosper, lies deep within every person. All you need is an enabling environment or framework, where opportunities are offered to nurture hidden potential and encourage people to script their own success stories!

Jana helps by creating that enabling environment to bring these dreams to life.


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Bilkish Bibi
Bilkish Bibi worked in an advocate’s office after her husband’s death and is now a crusader for women’s rights.
Pushpa used to deliver home cooked food and stitch clothes to support her family. With an individual loan, she has expanded her garment business and her family now lives a comfortable life.
Jamuna Kadam
Jamuna Kadam beat the odds of ill health and an alcoholic husband to independently provide for her kids' education. Her perseverance and strength is truly inspirational.
Varsha turned her joy of cooking into a small business. Today she takes great pride in her being self reliant and financially independent.