About the Campaign:

This festive season, don't just spend, but celebrate your spends with Jana Small Finance Bank.

All you need to do is use your Jana Bank debit card for your ECOMM and POS transactions. Your spending will not only bring joy but also the chance to be among the Top 500 spenders who will receive an Amazon voucher worth Rs 250. And don't forget to make two bill payments using our cutting-edge mobile banking application. Let's celebrate your spends in the most rewarding way possible. What are you waiting for? Start spending!

Campaign Duration:

1st September 2023 - 31st October 2023

What’s in it for customer?

Unlock an Amazon Voucher worth ₹250/- if you make it to the Top 500 customers.

Qualifying Criteria:

  1. Maintain an average balance of ₹ 10,000 over and above on the EOD balance of 31st August 2023 by the end of the campaign
  2. Do at least two BBPS transactions through MB during the campaign period
  3. At least 2 Debit Card transactions through POS/ECOMM with a minimum value of ₹ 500 per transaction

Balance Addition & Maintenance Criteria:

  • Customer need to add ₹ 10,000 to the existing balances (existing balance as on 31st August 2023) and maintain the average balance till 31st October 2023.
  • Only those customers who maintains the total amount (existing amount + ₹ 10,000) average balance towards the end of the campaign period till will be considered eligible for voucher.

Debit Card Spend Criteria:

  • Two debit card transaction to be done on ECOMM/POS with minimum value of ₹ 500 for each transaction.
  • Any transaction done on the last day of campaign, post 8.00 PM shall not be considered.
  • Only completed and successful transactions shall be considered for the campaign.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only accounts which have maintained the average incremental balance of ₹ 10,000 on 31st October 2023 over and above the balance as on 31st August 2023 shall be considered and all these accounts must maintain this average incremental balance.
  • All eligible winners will get the vouchers within 90 days of the campaign end date. (Customers are requested to check their spam folder in case they did not receive the communication on voucher)
  • Jana Small Finance Bank reserves the right to modify, cancel, extend or discontinue the campaign, the website/any customer and/or these terms and conditions or any part thereof at any time without prior notification.
  • Debit card transaction completed after 8.00 PM of 31st October ’23, shall not be considered for this campaign.
  • This campaign is voluntary and by participating in the campaign, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms & conditions.
  • Jana Banker’s Salary Account, Jana Savings Account, Jana Current Account and Overdraft Accounts shall not be eligible to be part of this campaign.
  • All customers who fulfils both the bill payments and debit card spends criteria along with the balance criteria as per the campaign timelines will be considered eligible for the campaign.
  • Only retail spends are considered like paying online on a lifestyle website, ordering food online, shopping at any store using your debit card. Transactions like fund transfer are not considered in the campaign.
  • This campaign is applicable only for retail customers (Individual category). Non-Individual customers are not part of this campaign.
  • To know the eligible Bill Payments which shall be considered in this campaign, please refer to the Bill Payment module in Jana Bank Mobile Banking application.
  • If more than 500 customer transact for the highest amount, the Bank shall be at liberty to choose first 500 spenders at its sole discretion.

Following transactions shall not be considered for this campaign:

  • Any transaction to purely fund the wallet/Financial Institution assisted app/website (e.g. Paytm, CRED etc.)
  • Cash withdrawal shall not be considered.
  • Any account or wallet transfer using debit card will not be considered as purchase transaction.
  • Payment for online gaming and online gaming websites will not be considered.
  • Incomplete, rejected, invalid, returned, disputed or unauthorized transactions will not be considered.
  • Jana Small Finance Bank reserves the right to disqualify any customer from the benefits of the campaign if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the campaign or otherwise by use of the card.