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Doorstep Account Opening


Earn Minimum 5% interest on your Savings account balance


Senior citizen desk at every branch

Interest rates on Fixed Deposits

Tenor FD Plus* Regular FD**+ Senior FD***+
Rate Yield Rate Yield Rate Yield
7 days to 14 days 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.60% 5.60%
15 days to 45 days 5.50% 5.50% 5.50% 5.50% 6.10% 6.10%
46 days to 60 days 6.25% 6.25% 6.25% 6.25% 6.85% 6.85%
61 days to 90 days 6.75% 6.75% 6.50% 6.50% 7.10% 7.10%
91 days to 180 days 7.25% 7.31% 7.00% 7.06% 7.60% 7.67%
181 days to 364 days 8.25% 8.51% 8.00% 8.24% 8.60% 8.88%
1 year = 365 days 8.75% 9.04% 8.50% 8.77% 9.10% 9.42%
More than 1 year up to 2 years 9.00% 9.74% 8.60% 9.28% 9.20% 9.98%
More than 2 years up to 3 years 8.75% 9.88% 8.50% 9.57% 9.10% 10.33%
More than 3 years up to 5 years 8.25% 10.09% 8.00% 9.72% 8.60% 10.61%
More than 5 years up to 10 years 7.00% 10.03% 6.75% 9.54% 7.35% 10.73%

*FD Plus with No Premature Withdrawal Interest Rate (p.a) on deposit of >15 lakhs.

**Regular FD Interest Rate (p.a) on deposit of < 2 crore.

***Senior Citizen FD Interest Rate (p.a) on deposit of < 2 crore.

Terms and conditions apply.

*Period: 2 years=730 days. **₹3,800 is the indicative monthly interest earned on a deposit of ₹5 lakh in the Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit product for a tenor of 730 days. Fixed deposit rates are subject to change, please refer to our website or visit our branch for the latest rates. ^Offer is applicable only on opening of both Senior Savings Plus Account & Fixed Deposit. For details on offers visit www.janabank.poshvine.com/seniorsavingsplus.

The products, services and benefits referred are subject to the terms and conditions governing them as specified by the bank/regulator/Third Party offering the product/services from time to time. Log on to www.janabank.com or talk to our Jana Small Finance Bank Representative for complete terms & conditions, list of charges, fees and surcharges applicable.

Annualised return is calculated for 2 years=730 days tenure for cumulative fixed deposit. Interest is compounded quarterly. Maturity amount roundedoff. The above calculation is for illustration purpose only. Minimum amount for FD plus is INR 15 lakhs. Effective Yield =[ (Total Maturity Pay out/original Principal ) – 1] / Tenor in years. The amount will differ basis the date of account opening. For the correct amount please contact nearest Jana Small Finance Bank.

^Calculation of Welcome benefit is based on total value of all offers. The "Top brands" is generic classification.

~Fees and charges are applicable on the card. This card can only be availed by opening Savings Plus account. Please refer to www.janabank.com for more details.

For interest rates on deposits of INR 2 Crore & above, please contact the nearest branch of Jana Small Finance Bank.

The interest is computed based on the actual number of days in a year i.e. 365 days for a nonleap year and 366 days for a leap year. The tenor of Deposit is calculated in number of days.

+In case of premature withdrawal of the deposit, penalty will be applied on the applicable rate of interest for the duration which the deposit is maintained with us. Find more details here.